24 November 2011

Bottle Aged Beers and the Yuck Factor

I think it was Gallagher who said that the phrase "picky eater" meant the same as "big pain in the ass." i could be wrong.  I went through a comedy phase in my early 20s and listened to hundreds of comedy tapes.

At any rate, I am a picky eater.  I don't like raw onions (will eat them cooked), raw tomatoes (again, cooked are okay), corn (Isn't it funny how most holiday salads and pot luck dishes are 50% corn?), broccoli, cauliflower, avocado or sweet potatoes (depending on how they are cooked.  I also dislike most boiled vegetables.

A few years ago, I made Dirk's Elixir Wheat Porter and forgot to order Carafa malt. It was a light tan and had the opacity of milk.  It was good, but I had to fight to choke it down.  I finally added some cinnamar to the keg, and finally got it black.  My JZ's BYO IPA turned out cloudy and milky too.  I can drink a couple or three pints before I have to move on.

A few days ago, I drank a Ranger Creek La Bestia Amiable (It wasn't an OPA, but what am I supposed to do?  They won't brew the OPA!) La Bestia is a damn fine beer. It's everything a Belgian dark ale should be, and then aged in oak barrels.

I have a 10 ounce Belgian tulip glass that I prefer to use with these darker, stronger beers. Since La Bestia comes in a 750ml bottle, I had to pour about three times. The first couple of glasses were hazy brown and went down really well.  The third pour, I tried to keep an eye on the dregs at the bottom of the bottle. A couple of thick brown chunkies fell into the glass.  The beer clouded up, and I decided to soldier on. After all, that yeast is full of B vitamins and it won't kill me.

Until the last few sips, I was ok.  But as I tilted the glass to my lips, I spotted a thick chunk of yeast at the bottom of the glass. I got the sip down, but my mind decided that the beer had become nasty.  A couple of dry heaves later, the last half glass of La Bestia went into the sink, and I went off in search of something filtered.


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