18 January 2011

Master of Malt - Buy Whisky Online

I'm a beer guy.  Having said that, there is always at least one bottle of whiskey around the house, usually three, depending on how things are going at work.  Back in November, I was contacted by of Master of Malt, who asked if they could send me a sample (The answer is always yes) in exchange for a review of the service (ditto, as long as you know I will be honest).  Naturally, I said "Hell, yes!"

I checked out the Master of Malt site, and realized they are in England!  I figured the whisky would get caught up in customs, and I would never see it.  Imagine my surprise when just a couple of days after Christmas, a box from England appeared on my front door step.

I opened the box to find an air-filled bottle carrier with five individually bubble-wrapped dram samples of whisky.  If this is any indication of the care with which they package their product, I am already hooked.

I carefully unwrapped the drams, and sorted them out.  Each sample bottle was wax dipped, and labeled with the brand and the proof.  Most were names I was unfamiliar with.  I am not a whisky guy, after all.  But there was one name I recognized: Johnny Walker Blue Label.  And it brought back a memory.

When I was 24, I was an exchange student in Japan.  Stop me if you've heard this before.  A few weeks into the year, the school transported all the exchanged students from Isahaya (near Nagasaki), across the penisula to Unzen, a hot spring town at the foot of volcanic Mount Unzen.  We stayed at a resort for the weekend.  The bar was sponsored by Johnny Walker and it is all they served.  I got druuuuuuunk!  I remember trying to sleep and the room spinning.  I had to put my foot on the floor.  And I was sleeping in a futon!

I had planned to sample the drams over the Christmas weekend, but a head cold thwarted me.  It's only within the last week that I've been able to taste properly.  So I will be tasting the drams soon.

Now, again, I'm not a whisky guy.  I like whisky, and I drink the occasionaly whisky, but I'm a beer guy.  After perusing the Master of Malt website, if I ever find myself looking for a particular bottle of whisky, this is the place I would go.  The packaging was incredible.  My only complaint with the service is that it would have been nice to have a little flyer with notes about each of the samples.  But that's a minor complaint.  So if you're looking for some hard to find whiskys, check out Master of Malt.


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