11 January 2011

I Will Work for Whiskey

You've seen those folks on street corners who hold signs, "Will Work 4 Food", right?  Well, Garrison Brothers will take you up on that and go one better: Give you a bottle of whiskey for your labor.

They will be bottling their largest batch yet the weeks of February 7, 14, and 28.  And they need some help.

We’ll be bottling from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday, the weeks of February 7, February 14 and February 28. We need 8 people each day and already have about 40 sensational volunteers. We provide meals, beverages and plenty of bourbon throughout the day. (In fact, tradition holds that we celebrate with a little “quality control” sample every time we finish 200 bottles.)

If you’d like to take part, it will take us a couple of hours to train you, so we ask those who participate to commit to work two full days. At the end of your shift, we’ll reward you with your own bottle to take home with you.
Sounds interesting.  Let me check my calendar. . .

UPDATE:  On January 12, Garrison Brothers sent this email:
If this doesn’t prove we live in the greatest country in America, I don’t know what could: Within 24 hours of the call for bottling volunteers, we filled every open slot we had available for February. Since this seems to be kind of popular, we’ll do it again later this year and will let you know dates soon. God bless ...
Thank goodness I got my date!


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