14 October 2010

The Satan Push - Stop 4 - Real Ale Brewery

There's a family joke that anywhere Satan goes, he knows someone.  Four years ago, in Denver, as we were being served beer for the opening toast, the server asked, "Were you in Afghanistan?"  With a roar of delight, Satan leaped to his feet and embraced the man.  "Tim!"

This time, we were at the Real Ale Brewery, where we asked if everyone got to take turns wearing their GABF Gold Medal.  Someone in the crowd looks at Satan and said, "Are you from Midland?"

"Yes, I am," Satan said.

"Are you Satan?" he asked, using Satan's real name.


I rolled my eyes.  Here we go again.

Dane Mosher used to live in Midland and was a member of the Basin Brewers.  He worked at Real Ale for a few years.  Gabrielle, the gal in the background, said that he came up with the first Fireman's #4 recipe.  Then he left Real Ale to go to medical school.  So Satan called one of the Basin Brewers so he could talk to Dr. Dane.  So while Gary and Dane got caught up, we skipped the tours and kept sampling.

All too soon, we had to leave.  We had promised my parents we would be back early for dinner.  Gary and Dane exchanged phone numbers, and gave him one of the bottles we had purchased in San Marcos.

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