16 March 2009

Eola Visit

Last weekend, I met Satan at Bright Brewery in Eola. Ostensibly, we were going to meet for lunch and swap beers. When we arrived, we found that there was going to be a brewing demonstration and a meal afterwards. So our quick lunch turned into a day long visit with other area brewers and folks who want to learn to brew.

It was another windy day in Eola, and the brew session was interrupted by a lot of talking and visiting. Satan and I wound up sharing our beers with everyone. I poured the recently kegged Dirktastic, which I was proud of. It was well received, as was a bottle of the rye cream ale.

We had so much fun that our lunch meeting lasted until after sunset. I checked my watch, and saw it was almost 7 pm. I paid my bill and headed home.

We're definitely going to have to go back.

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