14 March 2009

The Rotation - Part One

I'm not a planner. I don't pick a goal and daily track my progress. Similarly, I don't have a plan when I brew. A couple of weeks before I brew I decide what I want, and order the ingredients. Then I instantly regret not ordering ingredients for a different brew.

Oh, I might brew something for a competition, but that's about as far ahead as I plan.

Satan and I were discussing rebrewing beer for Nationals via email, and I wrote: "I want to brew the Abbey Wiezen, rebrew Buddy's Amber for the summer competitions, rebrew the Rye cream ale with a little change (no mash hops); brew a kick ass summer saison, and maybe a California Red Ale." A little later, while sampling Donn's Famous Horse Cram It In Brown Ale, Satan wrote back: "Verrrrryyyyy good! Definitely one for the rotation/flagship brews!"

So that brings up the question: Does anyone have a set rotation, and how often do you brew a particular beer in a year? I am curious.

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Blogger Ryan said...

I tend to brew to the seasons i.e. stouts/porters - fall/winter blondes/hefe/wit - spring/summer etc, PA/IPA/Bitter - year round, RIS/Barleywine/Trippel - Winter

I generally only brew a recipe once a year, but its always a little different from the last

1:40 PM  
Blogger Dean Brundage said...

I'm very much like you. Been brewing since '03 and I don't think I've made the same beer twice. Been slowly changing my equipment so it's hard to nail down repeatability. Just recently I decided to design a few stock recipes (Alt, Bitter, Tripple, Pils), so I'm working on that now.

9:03 AM  

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