13 March 2009

On-Premise sales Update

I just learned that a compromise bill, HB 2094, was submitted today by Rep. Jessica Farrar of Houston. The bill allows a microbrewery (under 250,000 barrels annually) to sell from a six pack to two cases as part of the charge for the tour rather than explicitly state that a microbrewer can sell beer direct to the public. According to Daniel Keeney of DPK Public Relations, some distributors have agreed to support it, and Brock Wagner, of Saint Arnold Brewing Company, thinks this is a huge step forward.

There will be a hearing this coming Wednesday in Austin by the Committee on Licensing and Administrative Procedures, E2.016. Since this if government time, there is no set time when the hearing will take place, it will float as other things are considered.

Write your state representative and your state senator today!


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