26 November 2008

Old MILFwaukee Kegging Day

Over on The Brewing Network forums, where I hang out as "Dirk McLargeHuge," one of my favorite threads is the Random Motivational Picture thread. I lack the creativity necessary to make these little gems, but someone posted this photo, which I adopted as the symbol of Old MILFwaukee Blond Ale. Enjoy.

The original gravity, if you will remember, was 1.049. The final gravity was 1.013, which gives me 4.6% alcohol. The beer is not as blonde as I had hoped. It's a little amber. I might have to change the name to Red Headed Stepchild, or something. Maybe next time I will use 2 row malt instead of pilsner.

I was trying to use up my Sorachi Ace hops, and used 1/2 an ounce at 20 minutes remaining in the boil. In retrospect, that may have been the wrong thing to do. The beer was a little too bitter. Maybe it's time to stop using Sorachi Ace at all.


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