20 November 2008

Southern Star Pine Belt Pale Ale Review

I have been lax in my beer reviewing. And since I picked up a four pack of this in Austin the other day, I might as well resume with a review of this beer.

Pine Belt Pale Ale

Appearance (0-3): Pours up a cloudy amber with a thin white head that dissipates quickly to a thin cap. Definitely nonfiltered. I think I would like a bit more clarity. 1 point

Aroma/Bouquet (0-4): Smells of sweet malt and citrusy hops. Neither are very strong. 3 points

Taste (0-10): Hop/Malt Balance (4): This is a very sweet beer. There is burst of malt with lingering hop bitterness along the sides of the tongue at the start. 3 points
Aftertaste (3): Finishes with a almost cloying sweetness, and hop flavor on the back of the tongue. 1 Point
Mouthfeel (3): Full mouthfeel. 3 points

Overall Impression (0-3): This is not bad, and would be better if it were drier. 1 point

TOTAL: 13 Points


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