28 July 2008

Hubert Wolters' West Texas Wheat 4 - Brew day

I got up early to brew. I mashed it, and missed my mash temperature by 7°, hitting 161°. I mashed with about three and a half gallons of water, and sparged with five gallons at 175°. I collected about 6.5 gallons, and boiled for an hour.

Last time, I used an ounce of Sorachi Ace, but the beer was a little too bitter. This time, I used one ounce of Cascade hops as my bittering hop, and added an ounce of Sorachi Ace at flameout, hoping to get more of the lemony aroma of the hop in the beer.

I hooked up my counterflow chiller backwards, so I didn't get as much cooling as I normally do. I took my gravity reading, and I got 1.032 instead of 1.050. I'm hoping that the lower reading is the result of the wort not being mixed well. We'll see in a week.


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