12 November 2007

Vanilla Porter R. I. P.

My first mistake was buying a stainless steel conical. Second mistake: Making a sour beer in it. Third mistake: Fermenting a porter in the conical. Fourth mistake: Keeping the sour porter to "see what would happen."

I made a Vanilla Porter, and when I kegged,I put the vanilla into the keg. I should have known, or at least anticipated, that whatever bugs soured the porter would consume the vanilla.

This stuff smells of rubbing alcohol. Very Astringent smell. The beer is cloudy, or muddy as Satan called it, and tastes sour. Not a bad taste, but I'm not sure I want to drink more of this.

I may have to get a real beer to cry into.

A quote leaps to mind: "I could have mixed it with chocolate and vagina and it still wouldn't have helped." -- Justin Crossley, the Brewcaster.


posted by Jeff Holt at 18:12


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