28 October 2007

Announcing: Macht's Nicht Brewing Company

Whilst brewing Betty Faulker Bock a few weeks ago, Satan suggested the name Macht's Nicht Brewing Company for our little endeavor when some piece of equipment (which was desirable, but not indispensable) disappeared. "Macht's nicht," Satan said when I pointed out the disappearance. Macht's nicht, of course, means "It doesn't matter" or "Don't worry about it" in German.

The other day at work, when things were a bit slow, I began playing around with an idea of a stylized head of wheat. The concept is that it is like the wings of a military aviator, or, since Satan has jump wings, paratrooper wings. When I mentioned this to Satan, he contributed "Beerborne" as a slogan. I can see that on a T-shirt back, with a small logo on the right breast. Now, off to Cafe Press. . .


posted by Jeff Holt at 18:45


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