04 November 2007

Betty Faulker Bock - R. I. P.

Satan emailed me the other day: "Betty Faulker is about to be buried at sea! It is absolutely awful! No carbonation, muddy, and awful! I think not cleaning the oil out of the conical was my death nail! It was super astringent as well. Mediciny tasting, a dry pucker aftertaste but not sour! Hell, maybe I screwed up the yeast starter! That's boiled so it shouldn't have been that. I'm doing that one again but will use the bock yeast next time. I'm kind of stumped on this one."

I suggested that since the conical's now been cleaned, perhaps trying it with two vials of the alt yeast is the way to go. Why toss out all the variables when we can change one thing at a time?

I'm heading out to Midland the weekend before Thanksgiving to brew with Satan, so we'll probably do Betty again.


posted by Jeff Holt at 10:32


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