30 August 2007

Coconut Chocolate stout and Kentucky Common notes

In anticipation of visiting Satan to discuss our brewing plans for Nationals next year, I used my beer gun to bottle a few dopplebocks in 12 oz bottles, and a 32 oz Coconut Chocolate Stout, and a 32 oz Kentucky Common. I thought I would let you know what I thought of my brews.

Coconut Chocolate Stout—Last time I made this, I added the chocolate powder to the priming sugar and water solution. The beer was gritty, so I thought I would add the chocolate to secondary. Well, the experiment did add some chocolate flavor. But the first thing I tasted was roasted malts. There was a hint of chocolate, and then a wisp of coconut. No. I'm not happy. I wanted more coconut.

Kentucky Common—Sour. I should have added anise to the boil. It would have cut some of the sour. I ordered the ingredients for the next batch. Believe me, anise will be in the boil. I also madae sure to get Williams Brewing Company's American Lager extract, made with corn, so I don't have to futz around with a cereal mash.

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