16 December 2005

Austin Homebrew Cream Ale has been kegged.

Part of double brew Friday at Honey Creek brewery, the cream ale presented us with some challenges. After we boiled, and put in the fermenter, my brewing partner noticed one of our fermenters was leaking from the spigot. We didn't have another fermenter clean, so he reached into the beer and tried to tighten the nut. It didn't help, so we grabbed a clean, but unsnitized, carboy and put the beer in there. Folks, this one is gonna sting!

The beer wound up with an OG of 1055.

We kegged the beer the other night. FG was 1010. Alcohols is 4.12% by weight and 5.24% by volume. It was smooth and very clear. I can't wait until it's carbonated to have a full glass!

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