08 December 2005

2005 Chimay Gift Pack

The other night I went to my favorite liquor store to pick up some microbrew beer, and discovered this Chimay gift pack. It contains a bottle of Chimay Trippel, Chimay "Red", and Chimay "Blue".

Belgian Trappist monks make beer to support their abbeys and their support programs.

Chimay "Blue" is a strong beer with an odor of fresh yeast coupled with a slight flowery touch. It is about 9% alcohol by volume. The beer improves with age and the year it was brewed is always on the label.

Chimay "Red" has a silky feeling with a slight bitter taste. It is about 7% alcohol by volume.

Chimay "Triple" has a golden color. It balances the flavor of the hops with fruity flavors. It is about 8% alcohol by volume.

The only way to enjoy properly enjoy a Belgian ale is to serve it in a goblet. Fortunately, this gift pack comes with one. It should be served around 44°.

If you find this gift pack, make sure you buy it! This is fine beer!

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Blogger Adam said...

Hi there!

A couple of weeks ago there was an Omegang tasting at the local distributor (Pennsylvania thing ;-) and they had the same thing! My buddy picked one up.

If my wife picked one of these up for me I would drop over dead from surprise! Ahhh...I can only dream.


4:04 PM  

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