04 November 2005

This is too much like work!

I just returned home from Honey Creek Brewery after an all day brewing session. My brewing partner, in return for brewing lessons, bought to kits from Austin Homebrew Supply; a Guinness Extra Stout Kit, and a Cream Ale kit. He also purchased some American Oak chips. These are to be soaked in bourbon to make a bourbon stout. I'll post about that tomorrow.

Since I had the day off, I asked if he wanted to brew today. He said yes, and suggested we could brew both kits.

After the first batch and midway through the second, I complained that I was losing my focus. I opined that in the future we might stick to one kit per session, or, we could purchase another kettle and burner and do them at the same time. He said, "It's like serving two sentences concurrently or consecutively." I thought that summed up my feelings perfectly.

We both agreed to one kit at a time in the future.

Oh, my feet hurt.

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