30 November 2005

Reality Sets In

While speaking with my brewing partner about kegging and planning our next brews, he told me he didn't want to do this every weekend. He has a hundred other hobbies, literally. He says he ADD: he moves from one thing to another. I've come to realize that while I have a hundred other hobbies, literally, I'm more obsessive/compulsive about it: I focus on one hobby at a time then I move on to the next one for a while. I forget that others aren't as interested as I in my hobbies.

So our brewing will now be at his schedule. He's offered the use of his place anytime I want, which I appreciate, but I will never take up him up on the offer. It's his property, his shed, his house, yada yada yada.

I may, however, resume brewing at home. I can do smaller batches on my schedule. At least until I lose focus and move on to whatever's new.

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