28 November 2005

Christmas/Holiday Beer

The fine folks at Honey Creek Brewery (that would be me and my brewing partner) sampled their latest offering.

If I may refresh your memories, we brewed this beer in October. When we bottled half of the batch, we didn't have enough corn sugar. We kegged the other half.

My brewing partner and I sampled the kegged beer yesterday. The color was black, and there was a thick, foamy head. There was a hint of cardemom, or spiciness in the aroma. There was more bite to it than just a hoppy after taste, which I attribute to the cardemom. We were both impressed and intend to brew this beer regularly.

Until tonight.

I sampled one of the 1 liter bottles. These were severly under-carbonated. The beer was similar to the one I had last night. But it was flat. It was good! But flat.

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