20 November 2005

The Portable Beer Cooler

Ready to party!

I finally found my Camel 6-pack quiver. It holds 6 regular cans of beer, and 5 Silver Bullets. When I was working for the cigarette company back in the 90s, shortly after the premuim was put in the stores, Willie Nelson had one of his 4th of July picnics in Zilker Park. While driving down Lamar Blvd near Riverside drive, I spotted dozens of these slung over the backs of the concert goers. It's on of the most practical items RJR put out, and I still have three or for of them today.

Since I was feeling playful, I loaded a hops belt holster, a hops shoulder holster, a beer neck and a Camel quiver onto the guy modeling the Oktoberfest skirt. (Click on the traditional link on the left.) This guy is ready to par-tay!

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