21 July 2005

Kegging vs. Bottling

Well, I tapped the Pre-Pro Ale today.

Hm. I hate kegging. I can never get a carbonated beer. And I hate washing bottles.

The beer is flat, and there is a distinct alcoholy-taste that I think is caused by some sort of contamination. I think we need to reveiw our sanitation procedures.

But I sure could use some advice about kegging. I've never had much luck with it.

The only saving grace about kegging is that it is quicker than the Colin Farrell sex video.

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Blogger Pikkel Weezel said...

Although I haven't brewed in about 6 years, the majority of my batches were kegged. My neighbor worked for coke so I had the mack daddy setup with all new connectors, refurbished kegs, lines and tap. I always had good luck with it, never had a carbonation problem. Once tapped, I always kept a few pounds of co2 hooked to it.

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