18 June 2005

Williams Brewing's American Pre-Pro Ale

Brew date: 6/12

My brewing partner and I started this batch at 9 am. We put about 3 gallons of water into the kettle and brought it to a boil. We added the first hops at 09:30, after we had added the malt extract syrup. We added the second hops at 10:20, and ended the boil at 10:30.

OG @ 86F = 1054. Adjusted OG = 1057.

We put the wort into a sanitized plastic fermenter, and stored it in a closet in the house where the ambient temperature was 75F.

Transferred to secondary fermentation on 6/18. SG@75.4F=1012. Adjusted SG=1014.

Kegged on 7/4. FG = 1012. Alchol by Weight = 4.63. Alcohol by Volume = 5.90.

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