06 July 2005


Back when I brewed every weekend, I always brewed a different recipe every time. One week it would be a pale ale, the next a stout, the next a peach wheat, the next a dopplebock (I called mine "Exasperator"), then a California Common, then maibock, and so on and so on. I very seldom brewed anything twice.

Toward the end of my brewing days, I cut back on the wide variety of beers, and basically brewed six or seven different beers over and over again. One was Hookarm's Dark Ale, another was sour mash beer, one was a pale ale, the other a stout, and then a Christmas beer called Jul Øl ("Yule Ale").

I thought that by brewing the same things over and over, I would get better at them. I was only able to complete my experiement twice before I lapsed from the hobby.

Now as I slowly get back into homebrewing again, I want to resurrect the plan, and trim some deadwood. I want to brew three beers and a couple of seasonals. And since we won't brew every weekend, that should give me enough variety to keep me focused.

Next time, the seasonals I want to brew, and why.

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