20 July 2005

Brewing Schedule

7/25 - Brew Dark ale
8/1 - Transfer Dark Ale to Secondary
8/15 - Brew Cream Ale (Future Post)
8/22 - Transfer Cream Ale to secondary & Keg Dark Ale
9/9 - Brew Jul Øl & Keg Cream Ale
9/18 - Transfer Jul Øl to Secondary
10/09 - Keg Jul Øl

This all depends on my brewing partner's schedule, of course. We tried some Genesee Cream Ale the other day, and thought that would be good to try to brew. We'll probably try the Austin Homebrew recipe.

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Blogger Boise Brewer said...


Great site, got any suggestions for a good fall beer for a fellow homebrewer. Also, I have a homebrew blog as well, do you care if I throw up a link to yours.

CChump (The Boise Brewer)

2:18 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the visit and comment over on my location. As a homebrewer as well, I'll be looking over your location with great interest.

Take care and blog on

5:15 PM  

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