16 July 2005

Keg Day

We kegged the hefeweiss yesterday. It had cleared up nicely, and smelled wonderful.

We filled one of my kegs first, and then filled one of my partner's. However, we couldn't get the lid to seal.

It made me a little angry that I had referred my friend to St. Pat's for kegs, mainly because I never had a problem with them. So he follows my advice, and gets a keg that won't seal.

I looked, briefly at the keg, and the opening of the keg and a nice ding in it that prevented the lid from seating correctly. I'm sure that with a bit of massaging we can get it to work, but we were trying to keg. We quickly cleaned another keg, and got his filled. After cleaning up, we planned to brew my dark ale in a week or so.

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