05 July 2005

Beer Updates

Williams Classic American Ale

We kegged the Williams Classic American Ale kit yesterday. The Final Gravity was 1012. It tasted very good when we put it in the keg. See the final stats below. I put 20 lbs of CO2 on it, and put it into the refrigerator. Tomorrow, I'll add more CO2. Then in two weeks, I'll give it a taste.

Austin Homebrew Supply Hefeweiss

We transferred the beer to secondary fermentors. The Gravity was 1012. It was very sweet with a nice honey taste. I've never added honey to a hefeweiss before and I was curious how that would turn out. We intend to keg in a couple of weeks.

I am pleased with how these beers have turned out. I was afraid I would be rusty, but so far. . .

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