08 August 2014

Hoppy Belated IPA Day!

I celebrated IPA Day as many of you did: drinking several pints of my favorite beer style. But as my badge popped up on Untappd, I wondered, how did IPA Day come to be, and why isn't there a "Saison Day", "Barrel Aged Day", "American Amber Ale Day" or "Imperial Coffee Strawberry Rye-Oatmeal Stout Day"?

(Wait! I might have just come up with a new recipe!  It's my idea, I tell you. MINE!)

I like IPAs. Don't get me wrong, but a whole Day for one style, and none for any other?

I tried to Google IPA Day history, but couldn't find much beyond that it has been going on since 2012, apparently initiated by Ashley Routson, the Beer Wench. (For the record, I have a HUGE crush on the Beer Wench. But since I'm in my 50s and she is much younger, that's just creepy. I try to ignore it. But, Ashley, if you have an older, fatter man fetish, well, give me a call.) I have a vague recollection that she was working with a brewery at the time this whole thing started, but don't quote me on that.

Does this day exist only so you can get a badge on Untappd? Or, so IPA makers can sell more beer than on any other Thursday? Or does it exist because it is America's favorite craft beer style? (I can get a dozen different IPAs here in Paradise, right at the edge of the Great Texas Craft Beer Desert. That should tell you something. Although, I do have to drive a bit to get some other IPAs.)

I don't know, but I am a bit frustrated that it exists. Not that it will stop me from drinking IPAs.

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