20 July 2014

Another Cease and Desist in the Brewing Industry

It's common for breweries to get cease and desist letters for logos and beer names. Freetail Brewing received one a few years ago for using Velocohopter, or something like that. Namaste Brewing company had to change their name because Dog Fish Head thought people would confuse a line of Indian inspired beers for their Belgian Wit Beer. Namaste is now called Kamala Brewing. Most of the time, the conflicts are honest mistakes that could be soothed over if brewers would talk to each other. Then there are the blatant copyright infringements.

Sessions Law Firm specializes in DUI cases, and they thought it would super cool to put their logo on brown beer can bags. Unfortunately, they used this logo:
Yeah, that's not good, and even to me (I am not a lawyer and I don't play one on TV) this is a fairly blatant rip off that also suggests people who drink Session Lager are people with DUIs. So Session Brewing Company has filed a Cease and Desist and Sessions Law has removed the logo from their website.

All this bring up a question: Who thought the logo was a good idea and think that Session Brewing would be flattered?


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