30 July 2014

Another Indiegogo Project

Beer Geeks isn't the only organization trying to raise some money on Indiegogo. Scott Metzger, founder of Freetail Brewing, and one of the funniest brewery owners around, is raising money for a delivery Lambo.

I shit you not.

Kickstarter rejected the fundraiser three times. Metzger turned to Indiegogo and they accepted it!

The rewards are fairly simple. High fives mostly.

But the higher the donation, the more time you can spend in the car. For $10,000, you can get the Ultimate Hero package:

1) You get to pick the license plate for the Lambo (subject to availability in the state of Texas) 2) You get to take a road trip with me [Metzger] from San Antonio to New York City where we will take a picture together in front of the HQ of a different crowdfunding website, flipping them the bird. I'll likely let you drive a good deal of the way (insurance requirements apply)
This probably won't sit well with Will Gordon...

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