02 August 2014

Now I have Heard it All! A Running Store and Brewery

As a Texan, I have a love-hate relationship with Colorado.

It's a beautiful state, with a lot of friendly people. And those people are so obsessively health conscious that it disturbs me. It seems like everyone there is either hiking, running, kayaking, mountain biking, or just plain exercising.

Now Colin Anderson, a former Colorado State University cross country runner (of course) has opened a running store where you can buy running shoes, and a nanobrewery called Shoes and Brews.

There's not going to be a tap next to each shoe they sell, the bar and the shoe store will be separated by a glass wall and no beer will be allowed in the shoe store. (A mean streak in me wishes there were no shoes allowed on the bar side, but that would be silly.)

You can buy shoes starting at 9 am during the week, but you'll have to wait until noon to start drinking.


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