04 May 2014

My New Brewing Kilt

Thanks to my BNArmy friends, Rhino and Bub, I bought a new kilt.

Bub has been singing the praises of the 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt, but the kilt was a one-off, and was sold out.  Dammit!

The other day, Rhino posted a picture of his new 5.11 kilt on Facebook.

It was breakfast. I whipped out my iPhone. As soon as you could say "Why the fuck do you need another kilt?" I had ordered another black kilt.  I wanted the charcoal kilt, but it was not available in my size. I didn't want the woodlands camouflage pattern, I thought I might like the desert camo pattern, but it wasn't in my size.  Who cares? Black is beautiful. And it only cost $70.

I love my Utilikilt, but at $250, this is a bargain! I still want a Workman's kilt, but until I feel comfortable spending that much, this one will work fine.

Let me know what kilt you like in the comments.  And where can I get a cool belt?


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