04 January 2013

If I Owned a Brewery Part 6: The Community

Sometimes, when Satan and I would sit around and talking about our brewery, one thing that came up was some way of giving back to the community that would be supporting us. There are a lot of things that could be done: prostate or breast cancers fundraisers (our favorite since Satan's mom passed from breast cancer), Parkinson's fundraisers (our uncle has Parkinson's disease), raising money for the local volunteer fire department (that one came up when we thought about opening in Paint Rock; just so we could brew a bock called Paint Rock Bock), or local hospital.  Whatever you want, we'd have monthly fundraisers.

In California, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has been donating money to a group of monks trying to rebuild an old Spanish monastery brought to California by William Randolph Hearst brewing their Oliva line.

As a brewery owner, imagine the benefits of helping non profit organizations achieve their goals. And the positive buzz in the community wouldn't hurt, either.


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