20 August 2012

Benefits of the Jester King Lawsuit

Last year, Jester King Brewing Company, beer distributor Authentic Beverages and Zax, an Austin restaurant and bar successfully sued the TABC and got the restriction on beer labels changed.  No longer to beer companies have to write a description of their products without using the word "beer".

TABC recently announced that beer label applications are up. In 2011 there were 1,738 beer label applications. They are estimating 2,685 applications will be filed this year. That's a 54% increase. And the changes in the law went into effect halfway through the fiscal year.  I expect that 2013 will see an even bigger increase in applications.

Texas is a big beer market, and one a lot of breweries would love to get into, but they often didn't have the money to make labels just for Texas.

AND it's good for the state.  More money for application fees!

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