18 April 2012

Houston Beer: A Heady History of Brewing in the Bayou City

When Beer Across Texas: A Guide to the Brews and Brewmasters of the Lone Star State came out, I eagerly searched the book for a mention of my Beer History site, Historic Texas Breweries, and found it! I was excited.

So when I got my copy of Houston Beer: A Heady History of Brewing in the Bayou City, I ripped the padded envelope to shreds to quickly get to the book. As the envelope debris rained down around me, I thumbed through the bibliography and discovered that Ronnie Crocker didn't use my website. This realization made sweeping up the remains of the envelope seem to last forever!

I've been following Ronnie Crocker's blog for a couple of years, and I follow him on Twitter. He has been a good source for news for this blog. When I learned he was publishing this book, I quickly pre-ordered it, and I was not disappointed!

Although this a slim book, it's packed with pictures and brewing history. The main focus of the book is the burgeoning beer scene, chronicling not only the history of the Anheuser Busch brewery, but Saint Arnolds, Buffalo Bayou, Karbach Brewing, No Label Brewing, and Southern Star Brewing. He also covers Houston's vibrant home brewing culture.

As I update my book over the coming year, I will be referring to this book quite a bit. Now go buy yourself a copy!


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