07 April 2012

Open The Taps Beer Voting Guide

Earlier, Open The Taps sent all candidates for the Texas Legislature a questionnaire about their positions on beer issues. They have been collecting the responses and have finally released their Beer Voting Guide.

I noticed that my State Representative, Doug Miller (who has never, ever responded to all the emails I have sent him)--Surprise! Surprise!--didn't respond to the questionnaire.  His opponent in the Republican Primary, Robert Smith, did return the questionnaire and said he would support brewery sales, and brewpub distribution. Libertarian candidate Rex Black did not respond either.

So, despite my misgivings about Smith's far right wing stance, I will support Smith for State Legislature.

(I so wish there was a box on the ballot that said "Please, Lord, Someone Else.")

Find out which of your candidates supports Beer Freedom in Texas, and vote for them in the primary on May 29th.


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