12 April 2012

Beer Goggles Work Both Ways - And You May Not Even Need Beer

I ran across a couple of related articles, and, if I were concerned about my post count and how high Google ranks me, should have posted separately.  But, I am incredibly lazy and only wanted to write one post. Besides, the headline I wrote just popped into my head, and would be a waste of perfectly good inspiration not to use it.

Researchers in France have determined that holding a drink in your hand makes you feel sexier. There approach was two pronged. First they gave some bar patrons a breathalyzer test, and asked them to rate their looks. People who were more intoxicated rated themselves higher than the non-inebriated. A second group of drinkers were given a fruit cocktail, and were told that half of the drinks were alcoholic and the other half were not alcoholic, and no one would know which was which. They were then filmed giving a testimonial for the drink, and those who believed that they had alcohol thought they did better than those who thought they did not drink alcohol.

Researchers in England have determined that woman are more affected by the "beer goggles" phenomonon than men (which means my chances in a bar just went up). One hundred men and women looked a photographs and asked if the faces were symmetrical or non-symmetrical. This is important because scientists have linked facial symmetry to attractiveness. The more the women drank the less well they were able to judge facial symmetry.

Here's an interesting quote from the last article:
A Bristol University study found people do appear more attractive to both sexes after they’ve had a drink – and it takes as little as a pint and a half of beer.
In some cases, the mere anticipation of alcohol may be enough to alter judgement.
A US study showed that men rated pictures of women more highly after looking at alcohol-related words than phrases about coffee and soft drinks. 
Remember that in the first study, if someone thought they had alcohol but hadn't, they still rated themselves higher.


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