10 April 2012

Joe's Brewhouse - Beer Day Trip

I had heard rumors of a brew pub in San Angelo, so after visiting Mark I drove over to Joe's Brewhouse at 113 E. Concho Street.

As I drove east on Concho Street, the downtown area was packed with shoppers. This part of San Angelo still retains much of its Old West charm. Old, red brick buildings line the street, and you wouldn't be surprised to see a buckboard rumble past. I could almost pick out Hubert Wolters' old saloon, but, since I left my copy of my book at home, I couldn't be sure.

Joe's Brewhouse is in a small strip center with The Office Bar, a wine bar, a restaurant and an antique shop.  Look for the small grain silo on the porch.

Joe's is a small place, and very narrow. The illuminated bar runs along the east wall and ends at the small, one barrel brewing area. I took a picture for Satan, so I could get him to buy one for his house and we could brew thirty gallons at a time.

I'd like one of these at my house.
I started off with the house brewed Oatmeal Stout served on nitrogen. A little roasty for my taste, it was an easy drinker.

The most impressive thing about Joe's Brewhouse isn't the house brewed beer. It's their tap list! Belgian tripels, double IPAs, CDAs, stouts, porters, and doppelbocks were on tap. The usual suspects were there: Breckenridge, Weihenstephan, Sam Adams, Marsedous, New Belgium, Franziskaner, Rogue and Deschutes. The service was fast and friendly, as you'ld expect in West Texas. I could see this place packed to the rafters on Friday and Saturday nights.

I knew I had a drive ahead of me, so I left at while I still had plenty of sun. I drove east from the parking lot, and crossed the Concho River. I should have turned left once I crossed the bridge, and sought out the site of the old Wolters Brewery, but I was tired, and ready to get home.

Joe's Brewhouse will definitely be a stop for me next time I head to Midland! And the Great Texas Craft Beer Desert just got pushed back a little farther.

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