10 January 2012

Shipping 20 Cases of Beer to L.A. the Long Way

Smokey and The Bandit came to theaters in 1977, just three years before I graduated.  It rode the CB radio craze of the time, and paved the way for The Dukes of Hazzard.

In the movie, Bandit (played by Burt Reynolds) is hired to bring 400 cases of Coors to Atlanta  (At the time, it was not distributed east of Texas) within 24 hours, round trip. I confess, I have always wanted replicate the trip, albeit without the big rig, the beer, the Camaro, and the police pursuit.

Imagine my surprise when Jonny Lieberman of Motortrend wrote about his 3000 mile, twenty case "smuggling" run. Besides a great travel article, it's also a good car article.

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