30 December 2011

Top Six Beer Myths

The Times of India posted the top six beer myths just in time for you New Year celebrations.

Myth 1: You can beat the beer belly by drinking light beer.
Turns out, when you're drinking light beer, you're only save 30-50 calories per bottle when you drink light beer.  Those fried pickles that you ordered to eat while you drink don't come in a "light" version, though.

Myth 2: The darker the beer, the more alcohol it contains.
I see this every year in Oktoberfest when someone wanders into the German beer tent and avoids the dunkle to drink the Hellesbock, thinking they are having a "light beer".

Myth 3: Warming and recooling beer is bad.
Only if you do it several times. Once, maybe twice is okay, in my experience. I bottle my barleywines cold and store them in a closet for several months before putting them back into the fridge.

Myth 4: Beer shouldn't be sour or bitter.
If you're looking for something sweet, have a soda.

Myth 5:  Green bottled beers are the best beers.
Just because imported beers come in green bottles doesn't mean they are better than those in brown bottles. It's a market ploy to get you to remember their brands.

Myth 6: Women don't like beer.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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