06 January 2012

Victory in Ohio! Texas Legislators, Take note!

Far Seeing Ohio lawmakers, noticing that wine festivals bring in 2 million visitors annually, wondered what it would be like if Ohio beer festivals could do the same thing. So they passed a law that they hope will let small breweries grow their businesses.

In the past, Ohio charged wineries in the state required wineries to get a license that cost $76 annually an no license for a tasting room. On the other hand, the state required breweries who want the same right to get a second license that cost $3906 annually, in addition to their production licenses.

The Ohio Legislature passed a law that would allow micro-distilleries anywhere in the state, and eliminate the Tasting Room license.

Obviously, AB-InBev let this slip under their radar. They shut down a similar proposal in Texas. (Of course, they may not have brewery in Ohio, but they also challenged distribution laws in other states where they didn't have a brewery. . .)


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