08 January 2012

Crafting Better Businsess: Insights from the Craft Beer Industry

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Anonymous BeerPilgrim said...

About half of Germans drink beer from less than a dozen large breweries. Nearly 99% of beer produced in Germany is 3-5% abv, about 80% of those are Helles or Pils lagers, less than 20% is consumed from draught. Just saying Scott's characterization of a German going to a beirgarten and drinking a Dunkelweiss from a Liter is not an acurate portrayal of the average German beer drinker. That German drinking Dunkelweiss is probably just as rare as the beardo in Portland getting beer in his stash. Beer mono-culturing is global, not just an American problem- theres no proven solution existing somewhere else.
Sure Germany's got 1300 breweries (almost as many as US), but about 10 of them control half the marketshare. (Better than 3, er, 2 though- I agree)
Beer consumption is in decline on the whole, craft breweries arent necessarily gaining the same market shares being lost by the big brewers.
I agree we need more independent, "outside-of-the-box" businesses and development, but thats my personal opinion.
I, like Scott, place a personal value on real variety. I just don't agree with him that everyone does. (eg My dad hates new choices, even wants his beer to taste the same all the time and doesnt appreciate all the fancy crap I make him try.) I think it would be cool, however nostalgic, to return to the days of the public/free house as social community center. I think its yet to be seen if craft beer has anything to do with that though. Craft beer can be pretty divisive, despite the skittles. Many BMC drinkers see craft beer as a luxury item and not the everymans drink that gives them commonality.

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Blogger hiikeeba said...

Here in The Hill Country, there used to be Ice Houses in every town, the Texas version of a Biergarten. In the days before air conditioning and refrigeration, everyone had to go to where the beer was cold, and that's where you visited with your neighbors and kept up with the gossip.

When I turned 18 (then the legal age to drink) there were three Ice Houses in town. Today there's only one.

In Austin, the last survivor is Scholtz' Biergarten. Houston has an old Ice House that was on How The States Got Their Shapes.

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