10 November 2011

Dia La Muerta 2011

On Saturday, I met my nephew at Freetail Brewing Company for the annual La Muerta bottle release. We got there about 10 am, and were giving stickers, with numbers on it like before, to put on our shirts. Mine was #132, and his was #133

It was a cool crisp morning, and I sorta hoped that would keep the crowd down. No such luck, though. I spotted the usual gang of people and the Nephew and I found us a place to chat at the top of our lungs. We talked about the boys, the plans for Thanksgiving, and Skyrim (which we have both pre-ordered). Finally, folks started lining up. Since were in the 100s, we waited a half hour before joinging the line, which started at the bar on the far right of the building and snaked past the front door to the far wall on the left.

As we slipped into line between 126 and 155 (near the door to the patio on the right), 155 told us "They aren't using numbers this time."

My nephew, who is more outspoken, "If they aren't, I have a big problem with that!"

So we bought our bottles. Unfortunately, by that time, every table in the place was full, so we skipped lunch.

As I drove home with my portion, I wondered why they didn't sell the bottles at the patio window, leaving space for lunch traffic inside. Or run us yahoos out on to the patio, like they did on the Witticus release. Of course, the waitresses have to fight through that line on the way to their guests on the patio.

And no, I will not be going to the next bottle release on November 25 and 26. I plan to stay snug and secure in my secret bunker and avoid Black Friday and Saturday traffic.

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