16 November 2011

I Heart Barley Wine

I love barley wine.

I miss Old Ruffian barley wine.  It disappeared from my local bottle shop a year ago, and I've not seen it anywhere else.

I've been able survive with Real Ale Sisyphus at my local, but it comes in 12 ounce bottles, not bombers like Old Ruffian. (Real Ale self distributes to our town, and keeps us pretty well supplied with barley wine. Naturally, Austin and San Antonio get the first annual release of Sisyphus. Normally, The Great Texas Beer Desertâ„¢ lags about a year behind. For example, up until about May or June, I was buying 2009 Sisyphus here in Paradise, up until about may. In Austin, they were only selling 2010 Sisyphus.

I'm not complaining!  I know I will get aged Sisyphus in a few months after all the Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston beer geeks get it.  And I will be able to buy it longer than they will.  I can live with that.

Bu-uutt, last week, I visited Kerrville and San Antonio (both on I-10), and discovered Bigfoot 2011.  Still not here in Paradise.  In fact my local bottle shop tells me Bigfoot doesn't get released until February.

At least, that's what the distributors tell her. And distributors wouldn't lie. . .

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Blogger Robb said...

I'm pretty sure the 2011 Bigfoot came out in Feb/March. I need to grab the 2012 in a couple of months.

3:10 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

I need to check the displays in the stores I've been in. I wonder if they are selling stuff left over since March. . .

3:22 PM  

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