05 October 2011

J. J. Knott Brewery - Laredo, Texas

I have had the Texas Breweries website for several years.  There has always been a question about the brewery I have listed as Llano.  I haven't touched the site, except for a few minor updates, in a couple of years.  Recently, I have been working on our family's geneaology, and thought I would use the access to Ancestry.com to look up a few people. One of those people was J. J. Knott.

A John J. Knott is listed in the 1870 Census as a school teacher in Atascosa County (Southwest of San Antonio). Born about 1832 in England, the household contains:
John J Knott 38
Eliza Knott 37
Charles J Knott 13
Mary P Knott 11
Eliza A Knott 9

J. J. Knot is listed in Atascosa County owning 160 acres on 18 July 1876, owning 160 acres on 18 July 1876.

A John I. Knott is listed in the 1880 Census as a hotelier in Laredo, Webb County, Texas.  The household contains:
J. I. Knott   50
Eliza M. Knott  48
Patience M. Knott 20
Eliza Knott 18
Ida Knott        15
Henry W. Knott 12
Robt. Carman 30
  Reese 30
D. L. Joint 28
George H. Jurkosky 34
Anna Jurkosky 12
R'o Custhulda 16

I checked the image of the original census, and it is quite obvious that the "J" initial and the "I" initial were identical.  It could either be I. I. or J. J.

So I believe that J. J. Knott operated a brewery from his hotel in Laredo (I suspect the original "Lando" is a bad reading of Laredo in 19th century handwriting.) in 1878-1879, maybe longer.

Any Laredo readers who are versed in the local history want to chime in?


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