20 September 2011

New Braunfels Brewing Company

Kelly and Lindsey Meyer, owners of Anytime Fitness wil be opening a microbrewery in downtown New Braunfels, called New Braunfels Brewing Company. They are ressurecting a long deceased brand name of the last brewery in New Braunfels (closed in 1925) and making German style ales: LuftWeiss-The HefeWeizen Of the Sky and ErdeWeiss-The Dunkel Of The Earth.

New Braunfels, a staging point for German immigrants entering the Fisher-Miller Grant, had one of the first breweries in Texas.

Apparently, Kelly and Lindsey read this blog, because they have taken my advice (wink,wink).  "New Braunfels Brewing Company will be as much a tourist attraction as a great craft beer producer,” Lindsey said.

Their brewery should open in late October, and tours should start in November.

I see lots of trips to New Braunfels in my future.

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