30 September 2011

Home Brewer Obama?

The press and beer bloggers have been falling all over themselves gushing, pardon the expression, over the thought that President Obama is a home brewer.

It all started when Sgt Dakota Meyer, the latest Medal of Honor recipient, asked if he could have a beer with the President.  Who can refuse a bona fide War Hero? Certainly not the Commander-in-Chief!

Obama served White House Honey Ale, and they have served a Honey Porter. (I am perfectly willing to sample and review the beers for this blog, Mr. President. Hint, hint.).

I have read some blog and forum posts that have thought it was wonderful that the President is a home brewer.

He's not.

Sam Kass is. He's also a White House Chef.

The Obamas purchased the brewing equipment out of their own pocket, true. The Obamas have brought a lot of "crafty" things into the White House--like  bee-keeping, cheese-making and vegetable pickling--as well as a vegetable garden featured on Iron Chef America a couple of years ago.

So yes, it is cool there is home brew in the White House.  What is uncool is that there are no pictures of the White Brewing rig.


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