24 July 2011

Thanks, Beer Fairy

On the Monday before NHC, Satan and I visited Lost Abbey/Port Brewing. While we were sitting there flirting with Molly, the feisty red-headed bartender, a charming brunette with a twinkle in her eye and an evil smile named Dawn showed up to fill her growler, then proceeded to get me drunk.  And she did a damn fine job of it, too!  We did all the things smart phone carriers do, followed each other on Twitter, friended each other on Facebook, and exchanged phone numbers.  I would have loved to spend more time chatting with her, but the tasting room closed and we were ever so gently encouraged to head home.

I decided to thank Dawn the Beer Fairy for her hospitality by getting her some Texas beer I think she would enjoy, and am pretty sure she can't get in San Diego.  So on my last weekend of freedom before returning to work, I went to Austin to pick up Ranger Creek Mesquite Smoked Porter, Jester King Black Metal and Independence Brewing Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout.

The traffic sucked!  I hope my swear words didn't sour the beer.

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