18 July 2011

Open The Taps

I have been thinking it was time to see just who the government is supposed to represent.  When politicians come calling hat in hand for votes, they are full of promises and big talk about doing what we want.  However, when they get to Austin or Washington, they start cashing checks from lobbyists and start doing what big corporations want instead of what we want.

In the wake of the deaths of HB660 and HB602, I mused that perhaps it was time for a group of craft beer lovers to band together and create a consumer lobbying group.  I even started thinking about starting one myself, but quickly realized that I don't like going to home brew club meetings, so I'd hate setting something like that up.

Fortunately, Ted Duchesne, of the Barley Vine blog, has stepped up and started Open The Taps, with the intent of adding a fourth tier—consumers—to Texas' Three Tier System.

Follow them on Twitter.  Like them on Facebook.  Sign up for their newsletter.  When the link is up, donate.

Unless you like living under our AB InBev overlords. . .

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