17 July 2011

Easy Open Bottle Caps - No Opener needed

I don't normally let my art geek side out too often.  I've been following dorknob.com for a while because of their cool architecture and design articles.  I never imagined that one day I would be linking to one of their articles from this blog, though.

Recently, they posted pictures of a new type of bottle cap designed by Gonglue Jiang that is more like a pop top.

As a former retailer, I can see a problem with this. Some BMC drinker reaches into my case to grab a sixer of his favorite Makin'-Love-In-A-Canoe* light lager and snags three tabs from the sixer next to it, and I gotta throw away three bottles.

Of course, that might appeal to the Macros.  "One opened accidentally is one sold!"

* F**cking close to water


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