27 July 2011

MillerCoors Gets it Wrong - Again

Everyone knows ladies don't fart.  They poot.  But now MillerCoors wants to take that simple pleasure in life away from English ladies by introducing a bloat resistant beer.  I shit you not!

The "beer" called Animée (French for "livened up", from which we get "animated" which the Japanese changed into "anime," the cartoons.  See?  You learn things when you come here.), according to the MillerCoors press release, will be "lightly sparkling and finely filtered" and come in three "flavors": clear filtered , crisp rosé and zesty lemon.  Because, you know, women find the taste of beer icky.

Look at the bottle on the left!  Did they just bring back Miller Clear and Zima to "remove the gender imbalance that exists around beer consumption and make beer an aspirational choice for women"?

The best quote about "Cleama" (Like that?  I just made it up.) comes from Allecia Vermillion at eater.com: "the world was experiencing a concerning shortage of flavorless, boring beers previously. And now we have one just for ladies. Hooray."

And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why we can never have good things.


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Blogger assurbanipaul said...

This is my new favorite beer ever!

FYI: My farts smell like lilacs.

11:29 PM  

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